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Hand Prayers

It can often be difficult to find the words or know what to say in pray for for someone else. These prayers use your hand and fingers to lead you in prayer. Read the prayers and or listen to them.

A Blessing Prayer for Another

A Blessing Prayer for another

When praying for someone else it can be hard to think of the right words to use. This prayer uses one hand to prompt your thoughts.


The thumb points up towards God, so we pray for their relationship with God.

We pray that they would: 

  • grow in spiritual wisdom and understanding

  • receive a greater awareness of his acceptance and forgiveness 

  • have time to rest in his loving embrace.        


The index finger points forward, so we pray for their future.       

We pray that they would:                                                                        

  • be guided to make the right choices for their future

  • have clarity of mind

  • have wisdom and courage in facing challenges.


The middle finger is at the centre, so we pray about the relationships at the centre of their lives.

We pray that they would have:                                           

  • good, loving and encouraging relationships

  • close friends that they can truly open up to

  • good relationships in work and the communities they interact with                                                                              

The ring finger often wears gold or a precious metal, so we pray for their finances and work.

We pray they would:

  • have work that is satisfying, challenging and joyful

  • be blessed by the work they do

  • have the money they need to maintain a good lifestyle

  • have wisdom in how they manage their finances.


The little finger is the smallest and weakest, so we pray for their fitness and health in body mind and spirit.

We pray for:                                                              

  • wholeness and healing

  • peace of mind about any challenges they face.

Hand Prayers of Intercession

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Through this website I will try to share my views and experiences  of Meeting God in the Everyday. 


I am a wife, sister, friend and in the past I have been a nurse in the NHS, an Acupuncturist and since 2014 I've been an ordained minister in the Church of England. At the moment I am the vicar of four rural parishes in South Warwickshire. 

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Prayers of intercession

Our THUMB is closest to us.                                                                

We pray for those closest to you - your loved ones and friends.


Our INDEX finger reminds us of those who teach, instruct or heal.                  We pray for teachers, ministers, health professionals.


The next finger is the TALLEST which reminds us of our leaders, those who are in-charge.            

We pray for leaders in our life, country and the world - that they will lead fairly, promote justice and consider the less fortunate. 

The RING finger is the weakest finger ?                                          

We pray for those who are weak, poor, in trouble, sorrow, need or sick.


The little finger is the SMALLEST which reminds us that our prayers should be more about others.                                                                                   

We pray for ourself, for our own needs.


When we look at our PALM we see all the fingers attached to it and we give thanks for all the blessings we have been given by God. 


When we look at the SECOND HAND we think of the things we’ve done wrong or not done that we should have.                                                             

We say sorry and ask God to forgive us.                                                  

We then ask God to help us to forgive those who have done wrong to us and those we love.


We finish by CLASP HANDS TOGETHER. This reminds us that we hug those we love and that God wants us to love one another.                                

We pray for love, peace and unity in our families, at school and work, in our community and throughout the world.



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