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Dwelling in the Word


‘Dwelling in the Word’ was originally developed by Church innovations- 

This is a group activity of reflection and listening that can be used on its own or as precursor to a church meeting to help the group remember that they meet in God’s presence. To help them in their business to listen to God’s council and that of each other; to follow his agenda and not just their own. 

We use a process of careful listening - to God and to each other - in order to encourage the building up of community and the creation of a common vision. The process gives both internal and external processors a way to engage in reflection and conversation about issues which matter. It provides a space in which to hear and embrace divine wisdom as a counterbalance to our human agenda.

  1. Start with prayer inviting the Holy Spirit to open you ears, heart and mind. It is important to trust in the Holy Spirit’s ability and desire to guide us. 

  2. Listen to a passage of scripture read aloud and notice where your attention is drawn - it may be a verse, phrase or a single word. Then remain in silence for a minute or two, reflecting on the passage or words that stood out for you. 

  3. You then each find a person in the group whom we might call ‘a reasonably friendly-looking stranger’. If you know nothing about the other person, you spend a short time getting to know them eg. name and where they come from. Or if you know each other ask about their day so far. Then listen to that person as they say what they heard in the passage through a verse, phrase or a single word. They may mention something they’ve never heard before, something odd or comforting, or something about which they’d like to reflect on, or ask a bible scholar. 

  4. Listen well to what they say, because your job will be to share what your partner has said to a larger group of four, six or the whole group, not what you yourself said. You may choose to take notes to help you focus and remember. 

  5. You and your partner join the larger group. You introduce your partner by name and share what you heard them say. Each one takes it in tern. If you have time you then move into reflecting on the scripture in a group discussion. 

This whole process is designed to help you get into a good listening mode ready to reflect on the scripture and listen to what God is saying through it to you. Afterwards spend some time alone reflecting on what you noticed and what God might be trying to share with you through this scripture and this practice.

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Scripture and the Word


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Scripture and Imagination

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Dwelling in the Word

About Me


Through this website I will try to share my views and experiences  of Meeting God in the Everyday. 


I am a wife, sister, friend and in the past I have been a nurse in the NHS, an Acupuncturist and since 2014 I've been an ordained minister in the Church of England. At the moment I am the vicar of four rural parishes in South Warwickshire. 

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